Reporting an Absence:

When your student is absent it is the parent/guardian's responsibility to call the school Attendance office and report the absence. CHHS maintains a 24-hour Voice Mail system for reporting student absences. This is the only manner in which our Attendance staff can provide services to over 1,500 families.

When reporting a student absence you will need to leave:

a message on the system that gives the following information:

  • Student name-(first & please spell the last name)

  • Grade

  • Reason for absent

  • Your name/relationship

  • A phone number for verification

The Voice Mail System telephone numbers are

619-605-8100, extensions 1209 & 1205

Clearing Absences

Classroom grades and work depends on student attendance and punctuality. Therefore, it is imperative that parents report student absences within FIVE (5) days of the absence. Parents and students need to take this responsibility seriously, as it will affect student citizenship grades. Excessive absences may also affect academic/citizenship grades. Any and all uncleared absences are treated as TRUANCIES. Attendance problems, as reflected in citizenship grades, will prohibit student participation in any and ALL extra-curricular activities including dances and athletics. Parents cannot clear period absences. The student’s teacher may only clear period absences.

Tardies are highly disruptive to the learning process. Please make sure your student has allowed plenty of time to get to school on time. Excused tardies would include medical, dental and court appointments, etc. A doctor or a court document must be presented to the attendance office in order to clear the tardy. Unexcused tardies would include car trouble, oversleeping, traffic, power outage, etc.

All students who arrive after period 1 must check in at the front office.


Once students arrive on campus they cannot leave without prior notification from a parent/guardian to the Attendance Office. In order to leave the campus without attendance, citizenship, and scholarship penalties, students must obtain a Blue Slip from the attendance office prior to leaving. If student leaves without the Blue Slip they will be truant and parent/guardian cannot clear the absence. The Attendance Office will not honor requests for early release (BLUE SLIPS) during the school day. Notification for early release must be given to the Attendance office prior to 8:00 a.m. on the day of release.

Students leaving for appointments (i.e. medical, dental, DMV) must bring a note verifying the appointment in order to clear the absence.

Parent may call the ATTENDANCE OFFICE (619-605-8100 ext.209)and leave a message that includes the following information:

  • Name of student(first and - spell out last name)

  • Grade

  • The reason and the time the student needs to leave.

  • Parent name and phone number for verification.

Students may bring a written request to the attendance office BEFORE school begins provided all the above information is listed on the written request with a signature. Notes brought during the day will not be honored.

Students who become ill during the day MUST visit the Heath Office for assessment. If it is determined that a student needs to go home, parents will be contacted and Health Office staff will issue the Blue Slip.

Requests for Blue Slips will NOT be honored, on the following days, unless it is a verifiable medical or court appointment and the information presented to the Attendance Office staff before the appointment day. If it is a personal family emergency the parent/guardian or family member listed on the registration card must come to the office to make a personal request:

  • The Friday or the day prior to a dance.

  • Friday or the day before holiday/vacation days.

  • No BLUE SLIPS on any testing days (AP, STAR, etc.)

We are not able to take messages from parents to give to students, and items will not be delivered to students.


All students are expected to be on time to each class.

  • Tardies and truancies affect citizenship grades

  • All uncleared absences will be considered unexcused after 5 days

Attendance Requirements to Participate in Athletics and Dances. Students must be in attendance at least 4 periods on the day of a game in order to participate in the game. In addition, students must be in attendance at least 4 periods the day of a dance in order to attend the dance. If the event is on a non-school day, the above policy will be applied to the last school day before the event.

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