Credit Requirements 2012-15


Students must complete 44 semester credits, as specified below. Students are expected to meet the California standards in English, mathematics, science, history/social science, fine and practical arts, and physical education. See UC A-G Requirements.

  • History/Social Studies: Six semester credits (3 years) required: two credits in world history; two credits in U.S. history and geography; one credit in government and one credit in economics, or two credits in an advanced alternative as specified in the Course of Study.
  • English Language Arts: Eight semester credits (4 years) required: two credits in grade 9; two credits in grade 10; and four credits in grades 11 and 12, including one credit in a course that emphasizes American literature and three credits from a prescribed list of English courses. English credit is not granted for theater, public speaking or journalism courses. Theater earns visual and performing arts credit, public speaking earns elective credit and journalism earns practical arts credit. English as a Second Language (ESL) courses may be used to fulfill the eight-credit English requirement.
  • Mathematics: Six semester credits (3 years) required: two credits in Integrated Math I or Algebra; two credits in Integrated Math II or Geometry; two credits in Integrated Math III, Intermediate Algebra, or other advanced math course as specified in the Course of Study.
  • Science: Six semester credits (3 years) required: one year of life science (biology or other University of California (UC-approved laboratory science course in the 'd' subject area); one year of physical science (physics, chemistry, or other UC-approved laboratory science course in the 'd' subject area); and one additional year of UC-approved science coursework in the 'd' (laboratory science) or 'g' (elective) subject area.
  • Language Other Than English (World Language) and Visual, Performing and Practical Arts: Three semester credits required. There are two ways to satisfy this requirement:
    • Option A: two semesters (1 year) of a foreign language and one semester of visual, performing, or practical arts.
    • Option B: two semesters (1 year) of visual and/or performing arts and one semester of practical arts. Visual and performing arts include courses in art, music and theater. Practical arts courses include business education, consumer and family studies, industrial education, vocational and occupational programs, journalism and yearbook.

Additional Credits

Physical Education: Four semester credits (2 years) required. Students must be enrolled in a physical education course in grade 9 and must earn two additional credits in grades 10-11. Students who do not pass five out of six Healthy Fitness Zones on the Fitnessgram must enroll in physical education courses until an overall passing score is obtained.

Remaining credits needed to reach a total of 44 may be earned by completing additional courses in the above areas and/or elective courses. Courses using languages other than English as the medium of instruction for students not fluent in English may be substituted to fulfill specific subject-area requirements.

General Requirements

Computer Literacy: Students must demonstrate proficiency in one of two ways:

  1. Completion of a computer education course or completion of an approved course of study that incorporates computer education and computer applications or;
  2. A test may be used for grades 9-12 when a course is not accessible or possible.

Needed to graduate: 44 high school credits.

  1. 6 credits (3 years) History/Social Science

  2. 8 credits (4 years) English

  3. 6 credits (3 years) Mathematics

  4. 6 credits (3 years) Science

  5. 2 credits (1 year) Language Other Than English (World Language) and 1 credit (1 semester) practical or visual and performing arts


    2 credits (2 semesters) visual and performing arts and

    1 credit (1 semester) practical arts

    (3 credits total e. and f. combined)

Total: 29 credits

Additional Credit Requirements for Classes of 2012-15

  • 4 credits (2 years) Physical Education (Fitnessgram required).
  • 11 credits (5.5 years) Electives
Total: 15 credits
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